Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Update

As is becoming the norm on Mondays, this was our weekend:

Friday night Nate had a bachelor party for a friend so my sister came over to go shopping through my closet clean out bag. We also decided to DIY Fish Fry for dinner. Last time Nate & I used the deep fryer, our house smelled for days so we hooked up an extension cord and put the deep fryer outside:

How backwoods is this picture?! ha ha ha The fish was superb, however.

Saturday started off with my half marathon, of which I already posted my whiny tale. I looked up my official time yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was 1:42:10. I am happy with it. Nate-O made me a killer breakfast and then I did not take a nap. We went to Lowe's for yard beautification equipment. Our lawn really is looking nasty so we thought if we bring in some prettiness, that might help detract from the lawn. We moved our shepherd hook from the back to the front yard and put a hanging freesia there, finished spreading fresh mulch on all of our flower beds and filled our window box with some impatiens and begonias:

Saturday night we were craving fajitas so we pushed up our Cinco de Mayo celebration to Dos de Mayo. Nate tried recreating this amazing guacamole that we had at Boudros in San Antonio. I must say from what I remember, he hit it spot on. I also was busy making chocolate chip biscotti and chocolate chip cookies for church. The biscotti was great - I will post the recipe sometime this week.

Sunday brought running fellowship hour at church with our friends (including some baby action with Alex & Emelia), the next challenge in the ESPN Radio contest I am in and brunch with friends. We went to The Grove, where Nate took me for our first anniversary. I had portobello, spinach and tomato eggs benedict. I must learn to make eggs benedict - it is one of my most favorite breakfast items. We spent much of Sunday outside given our gorgeous weather: reading on a lawn chair, taking a walk around the 'hood, and trimming tree branches. Nate also finished painted the trim around our pantry doors in the kitchen and did some more tiling. Three crossword puzzles, episodes of Amazing Race and Law and Order, two cornoas and we were sound asleep. GREAT weekend.

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