Friday, May 29, 2009

Warning: Using this post to Whine

BLECH. That is how I have felt this week. A combination of things contributed to this feeling:
1) I got lazy and took too many days off after my half-marathon. There is a fine line (that I always manage to cross) between taking a few refresher/rest days and becoming lazy after a race.

2) Memorial day food kicked my a**. I ate so much food, it makes me full just thinking about it. First there was the McDonald's cheeseburger I had for a "snack" on the way to Madison. Then in Madison I had a hamburger and a brat and some salads...and a few Spotted Cows. Follow that with not one but TWO bacon egg and cheese biscuits the day after...spinach, feta and mozzarella pizza and BUTTERY garlic knots at Sal's for dinner...breakfast casserole and not one but FOUR sticky buns...BLECH.

3)I have noticed in recent pictures that my teeth look noticably yellow. Years of the IV coffee drip throughout the weekdays (and let's face it, weekends) have finally caught up with me.

Every run that I have went on this week has been pathetic. It's as if I can feel those sticky buns jiggling behind me and I haven't been able to make it more than 3 miles without stopping. I tried new routes...all that got me was a new "favorite house" to move into. I tried running old routes backwards. I tried reading Runners World, which is all recycled "news", but often motivates me. None of my usual parlor tricks have worked.

Then, I pulled out the Wii fit two nights ago to do some of their strength exercises. Whoever designed the Wii Fit messages should be shot. Talk about digging a deeper hole. "Hello Amy! Your last workout was 232 days ago! You have gained 2.6 lbs. Please choose a reason why you gained this weight! Your leg is a little shaky. Strengthening your core is important for good posture!" BLECH. Two days later I am still sore from my wii fit workout, which sneaks up on you. You think, "Oh 40 hip twists...that's not so bad! Why are these even a workout...these are EASY". Next day, you can barely walk b/c your hips burn so badly.

I also started using Listerine White Strips before bed every night this week. I found a stash of them (I think they were from AH right before our wedding!) and they don't seem to have an expiration date on them so I'm trying them in an effort to whiten the coffee stained teeth.

I will keep chugging along with the running, knowing this too shall pass. In the meantime, BLECH.


Ali said...

Oh Amy! I hear you on the *blech*. And doesn't it always seem to be the case that when you feel like poop in one area of yourself, you feel like all the other areas start falling apart, too? I am not sure if it is any consolation, but your teeth look gleaming and white in pictures, and if there is anyone who pick up the running again, it is you. I'm not going to lie--your Mem Day menu sounded really yummy, and Eric and I also frequented McDonald's for cheeseburgers and fries COMING HOME from a 6 miles run in Ohio(seriously, who does that?)

Keep up the running. You are certainly still my running inspiration!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I haven't had the best week ever either - looks like were in the same boat there! Here's hoping we turn it around in time for the weekend, right? Cheer up Amy!! And I don't care what Wii Fit says - you look FAB!

Old MD Girl said...

Your teeth are not yellow. And I wish I was as "fat" as you are.

Next week will be better. I promise.

nicole said...

Wow that is good to know about the Wii fit. I think I will wait until I gain the maximum amount of weight before starting Maybe I will buy one and then get on it on the last day of my pregnancy. :)

I hope you feel better. I was impressed by the amount of food you threw back, but then my mouth dropped open when I read that "only 3 miles" was the running you do. I couldn't even make it to the mailbox without blowing a heart valve. So, don't be so hard on yourself! I'm impressed.