Monday, May 4, 2009

Closet Couture

Remember Cher's closet in Clueless and how she could mix and match her outfits on the computer?

I read about Closet Couture in the latest Vogue, which is basically like the computer component of that! You basically sign up for an account, upload your clothes and create outfits for others to rate! You can also peruse other members outfits.

I don't know that I will be signing up for Closet Couture, unless someone wants to do the work for me. If you are like me and just like perusing OTHER people's outfits, might I suggest the following:

The Sartorialist
Go Fug Yourself - pure hilarity
Creature Comforts - EZ has a regular "Chic for Cheap" post with some cute outfits!

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that wilson girl said...

So fun to see your post on Closet Couture! Love the hilarious blast-from-the-past picture of Cher's closet software... Just wanted to mention that we have chic new blogger tools where you can embed your outfits into blog posts, styled in cute Polaroid-style frames. We're v. excited about them.

Also, uploading your closet really only takes an afternoon (rainy day!) and then it's there permanently for you to play with... and for friends to play with.

Anywho, love that you thought of us... mille mercis!
Alyson, head of product for Closet Couture