Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quite the Run Around

First of all, THANKS to those of you who voted for me in the ESPN Milwaukee challenge - I had the most votes and have won immunity, guaranteeing me a spot in the final four!

And now for the half marathon recap. I had to drive down to Kenosha last night after work to get my race packet. I noted that there was not any construction on my drive and thus planned to leave around 5:30 this morning. I slept like crap last night and hit snooze a few times and did not leave until 5:42. I was cruising along on the 894 bypass around MKE when I realized that the 94 east route that I needed was CLOSED! Of course I realized this too late, and had to make a huge circle to get onto the detour.

Along the detour, a huge semi decided that instead of pulling into a gas station to check his load, he was going to hop out of his truck while still in the right turn lane, cutting off all traffic to get back onto the highway. Guess who was RIGHT behind him? Yes, ME. It was at this point that I pondered turning around and skipping the race as I wasn't sure that I would make it to the start on time.

I finally got to Kenosha, found a parking spot and ran to the start, with a few minutes to spare. I really had to go to the bathroom, but didn't want to miss the start, even though it was chip timed.

People, I was tired by mile 0.35. I think all my adrenaline was used up on the drive, dropping choice words at truckers. At mile 3, I finally got to go to the bathroom. At mile 5, I contemplated quitting. At mile 6, I noticed that I REALLY need new shoes. At mile 8 I was finally feeling that I was in a groove. I finished in just under 1:45 (on my watch), thereby just missing a PW (personal worst). I knew that today wasn't going to be a PR or anything, but I had to call upon my mental run way earlier than normal.

And to top it all off, I was out run at the finish by another woman due to a guy unknowningly cutting me off and boxing me in. Sigh. I got my cheese medal. I couldn't even muster up enough gumption to get my free brat and beer. I did get a free pair of jockey underwear, since they were a race sponsor.

I would like to say that my drive home went much smoother, but upon taking the exact same route back to the freeway that I arrived in Kenosha on, there was a detour and I had to go south towards Chicago for a bit before getting to turn around to go back north to Milwaukee. A few miles later, I really really REALLY had to go to the bathroom so I sped towards the nearest exit, barely stopped at the yield, and realized there was a cop. I started rehearsing what I was going to say if he pulled me over, at the same time praying that I would not go to the bathroom all over my car. It was like a bad Immodium AD commerical! Thankfully I did NOT get pulled over, I made it to the bathroom, and my husband, with the assistance of Google, found me an alternative route back.

JUST when you thought it was safe, I made it through the detour, and turned the wrong way to get on the freeway. SERIOUSLY. I should have stayed in bed.

I do have to say that I thought the run was beautiful - we had a slight breeze, sun and were next to the lake for the majority of the race. This race used Heed sports drink in lieu of gatorade, which I have recently started using more and I like it. The course, water stops, porta potties, etc were all extremely well planned. I was very impressed as I was expecting a few glitches for this first annual race. Kudos to the race directors and volunteers. I would definitely do this one again.

Now I am going to go take a nap!


chacha said...

You deserve that nap!

I would love to run 1:45 :o) That would be a personal best for me by about 15 minutes!

caroldes7 said...

this answers my question ;)

what a nightmare! at least the race itself went smoothly, since nothing else did! hope you are enjoying a really fabulous nap... and a massage later from nate!

Old MD Girl said...

God what a pain. At least you didn't soil yourself.

I too would be happy to run a 1:45. Speedy. There will be other races soon.

BCK said...

yikes! i hope the rest of your day i going better.