Friday, May 29, 2009

A Peek Inside of how Dorky Our Lives REALLY are

Well, I can't start the weekend off in a slump - The Smiths have been helping me perk up a bit (or is that the coffee??!).

I DO have to confess a new guilty pleasure we have. While we wait for Weeds Season 4(4 more days!), we have discovered So You Think You Can Dance. I think this show is in its 5th season, so like everything else TV-related, we are late to the game. But, better late than never. I have laughed so hard at episodes of this both Wednesday and Thursday nights, even though it hurt to laugh b/c of the aforementioned Wii Fit workout.

I told Nate last night that I would go to an audition for the show and perform my Mamma Mia dance on live TV just to make him laugh. It at least is better than Shakiro - the male Shakira - the video of which I am JUST WAITING to be on YouTube. I also do a killer impression of Daniel Dorough's dance as well. I REALLY wanted dance lessons as a kid and used to make up routines to Paula Abdul using my mom's marroon boombox hooked up to an extension cord. Now I just live vicariously throuhg a bad Fox TV show. Oh such fun...

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Ali said...

I love SYTYCD!!! I watched last night and just wished I could hold a beat with my body. I love the one choreographer/judge last night with the blond hair...but the middle judge (the Paul Abdul one as I call her) has a horse mouth from too much botox and the most annoying laugh. Did you see the tattoo guy who talked himslef out of a "yes?" I really don't have any time to watch TV anymore, but caught the show last night when I was writing thank you notes. I think I am addicted