Saturday, May 23, 2009

Patch Master Really is "The Master"

Before we go "play" for the weekend, we got some yard work done.

First, we had a low-hanging tree branch that needed to be cut down. Nate's parents let us borrow this "chain saw on a stick" thing that got the job done. We now have a bunch of firewood for S'mores this weekend and 3 1/2 buckets of yard waste. The view of our house improved too:

We also needed to patch repair much of our lawn. We bought a bag Scott's Patch Master a few weeks back to test of part of front yard hill. It worked beautifully so we headed to Lowe's to get a few more bags. We highly recommend using this, especially if you, like us, have a yard that gets a lot of shade and may be on a hill.

Here is one of the before spots:

After applying the mix, you do have to live with your yard looking like this for up to 2 weeks:

We are really pleased with how our yard is coming. My mom and John both said that it looked really great! Here are some more yard shots from this beautiful sunny day we are enjoying today in WI:

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Old MD Girl said...

Your house really does look great. And are those irises? I LOVE irises.