Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pajamas for a 3 year old

Keeping up with my homemade gift pledge for 2009, I finally finished the pajamas for my niece, started over 2 months ago. They are for her birthday, which was also a couple of weeks ago, but we will see her for the first time since then this morning!

(Yes, that is the John Deere logo. My brother is a farmer and has loved John Deere since about the age of 2. She is definitely her daddy's girl.)

I used this pattern for the shirt and bought an ez sew pajama pattern from Jo-Ann for the pants, but added the matching cuff trim. After I had already started using these, I got Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones book from the library and there is a pattern for the exact same thing in there, which I think probably would have been easier. I had a hard time with the pants, especially, even though I have made a couple of pairs of adult pants, the pattern was not the same. I figured it out eventually. I hope she likes them! If not, we are also giving her some dog stickers. :)

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BrookeB said...

adorable! I think these are my favorite thing you have made to date:)