Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not a big APC fan

Last night Nate worked on some tiling while I finished up a certain to-be one year old's birthday present. I went to mail it today and silently cursed the post office. Our post office USED to be open at 7:30 AM which was perfect as I could stop there before work. Then they switched it to 9 AM because they have the glorious APC - Automated Postal Center. I hate the APC, and even more so today because after I got done entering the zip code, the box measurements, confirming that I was indeed not sending hazardous chemicals, I received the "I'm sorry. This APC is temporarily out of service." GRRRR. I will be posting pictures of the gift once the big boy actually receives and opens it so as not to ruin any surprise (b/c I am SURE he reads this blog, ha ha ha).

On another note, I never really know what the protocol is for answering questions posed in the comments. I decided that I will just post answers to them. To answer Old MD Girl's question re: coloring from my last post - Although I technically won a free cut and color, i am not coloring my hair. My hair color is actually the one thing about my hair that I like. I am getting some sort of high gloss treatment instead. I totally tried getting 2 haircuts instead of the cut and color deal, but they didn't fall for that one.

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Old MD Girl said...

Adenomatosis polyposis coli was what came to mind when I saw APC. God, I really need to spend some time outside of the hospital!