Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Microwave Installation: Part 1

The asparagus risotto (DELISH) I made for dinner last night took a little longer than I anticipated and we had a few more episodes of Season 2 of Weeds calling our names. Thus, we made the microwave installation a two-part deal.

And as ALL things seem to do, Part 1 took a little longer than expected.

Here is one last shot of our old microwave (coming to a Craigslist near you):

That thing did NOT want to leave it's place on the wall. After a lot of huffing and puffing, we got it down. We were left with the vent to the outside, which is basically a hole in our house. Given that we wanted to move the position of the microwave over 6 inches to the left so that it would be over the range, this vent was not going to work with the new microwave. Hmm...how to fill the hole?

Nate got out a new tool he received for Christmas and cut an inch of the vent off so that we could place a piece of wood and insulation in there to block the hole.

We also sealed the other side of the hole with some caulk. Here is a picture proving that I actually do help out with these projects. I am holding the cover on to let the caulk set a bit:

Some of you know my love of free samples. Well, last night my husband came to appreciate my other love because we needed caulk and he thought we would have to go to Lowe's to get some. Aha! I recalled signing up for a free sample of caulk. I hunted around and found the sample, which turned out to be the exact amount of caulk necessary.

And voila - the hole is covered:

We didn't really worry about making it look pretty since the microwave will cover our jerryrigged DIY hole filling. Part 2 resumes tonight!


chacha said...

I think we just drywalled over our venting hole after we gutted the kitchen. Probably should think about blocking the outside hole from critters :o)

Wade said...

You do realize I work for a power tool company. From this point forward I do not want to see you kids buy any more B&D stuff. Just let me know what you need. Sheesh. It pains me...