Friday, May 15, 2009

Label Love

Today I tackled some piles on my desk at work and labeled a few folders and notebooks. I function much better at work when stuff is organized.

Lucky for me there are a lot of fun, FREE, downloadable labels out there:

All of the above available for download at Poppytalk

The above labels can be accessed on MerMag as featured on Decor8.

Another organizational thing that I am wanting to tackle is putting bookplates in my book collection. I have A LOT of books so this is a daunting task that likely won't occur this weekend, as our wedding season kicks off. If you are interested in bookplates for your books, here are some fun ideas:
SFGIRLBYBAY has a variety of free bookplates for you to peruse.

Goodhousekeeping has some simple printable templates.

And of course Martha has some free templates for bookplates available.

There are pages upon pages of bookplates available for purchase on Etsy as well. Some of my favorites include cricicis, Icings Prints, Avie, and ModernClassicsKids for children's books. Given my collection, I think the free downloads from Martha will be where it's at for me.

Photos from Poppytalk, MerMag, and Martha Stewart.

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Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I adore labels! I'd label everything in our house if it didn't drive my husband bonkers!