Friday, May 22, 2009

I loved DC...but my heart belongs in MKE

I spent the past 2 1/2 days in Washington, DC for a work conference. Most of this time was unfortunately spent in an over-air-conditioned hotel for the conference, but I got out yesterday evening and early this morning for a run. (SIDE NOTE: WHY in times when so many companies are in a deficit, amidst energy crises, etc does every public building BLAST cold air? I couldn't find one person that was actually made more comfortable by all of the air conditioning!)

I tried to see as many monuments as I could in this short time period, so I ran with my map and camera. I have been to DC and the monuments before, but I still think they are incredible every time I see them.

It was interesting going at two very different times - my evening experience was pretty crowded with tourists, including kids that pulled the "run forrest" line on me. This morning, however, I was the only person at several of the monuments, which was pretty incredible.

The woman I sat next to on the plane was originally from WI and is currently living in DC. She said she was envious that I was living in WI and that she couldn't wait to come back. "There's just something about it". FOR SURE!

For example, Nate picked me up from the airport tonight and we decided to check out Retique, a new "boutique" featuring secondhand clothing and run by Goodwill. They opened yesterday in the 3rd ward, MKE's trendy area, so we decided to check it out. Trendy indeed - whoever thought up the concept of the Goodwill boutique was a GENIUS. There were fancy chocolates, wine and cheese to nibble on while you shopped for other people's castaways amidst a lofty type space. And boy did we find some goodies...Nate has been looking for a 3-piece suit for a while, but hasn't really wanted to splurge. (His job requires him to wear a suit everyday). He found a BRAND NEW (we're talking TAGS STILL ON) 3-piece Oscar de la Renta suit at Retique, in his size, and a perfect fit for $39.99!! The closest we could figure from googling the style number was that it retailed for $800! I didn't do too badly myself - a brand new J.Crew dress (the tags were also still on it) for $12.99 and a wool lined pair of BR trousers for $10. And because my sister and I joined Club Goodwill once upon a time, we saved an additional 5% on the purchase. I highly recommend Retique if you are in/near MKE, and apparently they also have these in Portland, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco!

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Emily said...

This is the first I've heard of this. Thanks for the tip. :-)