Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Nate often calls me DQ. Not Dairy Queen - Drama Queen. I do have a tendency for the dramatic, I will admit, as this story will demonstrate.

I noted during my recap of the half marathon i ran at the beginning of the month that I really needed new running shoes. Thankfully, my mom picked up a new pair of Saucony Hurricanes for me when she went to Road Runner Sports Clearance Store in San Diego. I have only been on two runs since the half because I have been having this heel pain on my right foot. Well of course I was reading up on plantar fasciitis and any articles that "heel pain" would produce in the runner's world injury prevention section. Then I thought that maybe something wasn't right with the new shoes. AHHH!

Well, over a week later, I finally decided to look at my foot. I am not exactly sure why I didn't do this the FIRST DAY I noticed the pain. Duh! I had a huge splinter in the exact location of the pain! I have a bad habit of walking outside barefoot, and with our new mulch/woodchips, likely got a piece of one in my foot. A few minutes of minor foot surgery in our bathroom this morning and a HUGE dab of neosporin should take care of it.

I think I can get back to my normal running now. ha ha ha

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Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Oh no! Splinters stink - glad your "surgery" went well though - ha!