Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Update

We took full advantage of the HOT (80+ degrees) weather on Friday night to go to the Tosa Art Walk. We didn't get any art but did get some olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Oro di Olivio, where we took the olive oil tasting class last year. YUM. (BTW, I did not use this olive oil to clean the paint off my purse - Trader Joe's brand worked just fine, and is much more economical!)

Saturday brought early morning spinning for me, raquetball for Nate, errands and a lot of rain. We had to go to the mall to pick up my dress from the tailor, and we were hungry. Nate was slightly surprised (apppalled?!) that I hadn't experienced such mall food court treasures as Steak Escape and Auntie Anne's pretzels, so we dined at both. We also continued tiling the kitchen. No, we are not done yet. My math brain was not in my head that night - I made several measurement errors so it didn't take long for me to pronounce, "I (BLEEP) hate tiling". This is the cue for Nate to suggest stopping tiling for the evening.

Sunday the rain continued. After church we made some great paninis, and headed to the library book sale where we got a HUGE bag of books for $2! I would estimate we got 15-20 books. Then we headed to Lowe's to purchase our microwave, which we need to have before we can finish the tiling. We asked, "Are microwaves usually in stock or will we need to order it?". "Oh, they are most always in stock", replied Mr. Lowes. We point out which microwave we want and OF COURSE the one we want is not in stock so 2 more weeks we will wait. We have less than one month to finish the kitchen in under a year. (D-Day is May 23).

We got home and realized that we had a new water feature in our yard - a waterfall! We had so much rain that the side of our garage had a lake that eventually pushed through the flower bed rock to form a waterfall into our driveway. We couldn't really find the cause of all the flooding in our yard, so we had to just let it go. I hope my daffodils still bloom!

The weekend was wrapped up with another Poulet Roti, a rosted tomato caprese salad, and seven episodes of Weeds. Season 2. We recently discovered this show and are now addicted (pun intended).

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BrookeB said...

I too am appalled that you had never tried Auntie Anne's or Steak escape! YUM!!!