Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Highlights

The number one best thing about this past weekend is that we did NOT get the 2-6" of snow they predicted. We did not get ANY snow! WOOHOO!

It still is way too cold for my tastes though.

The weekend brought us a lot of busy-ness. The woman at blush gave me a "flawless face" and flat-ironed my hair (complimentary). After that I was the chauffer for Nate and 4 of his friends from Madison. Fun times - I really don't think I have laughed that hard in a while. The only bad thing is that MKE bars are not smoke free so my great hair didn't last more than one night due to the smell.

Saturday brought us a very clean house and cars. We had all the windows open despite it being only 45 degrees, rotated the mattress and hung the sheets out to dry. How wonderful is the smell of line-dryed laundry?! I was sad to see UConn bracket was officially toast. No $500 for me :(

Sunday we accompanied my sister, Alex, Wade & Holly to the Art Museum for Art in Bloom . The event features floral exhibits that are inspired by works of art. It is amazing. Even at 2 months old, Alex had some favorites, including the painting of the cows.

AND...yesterday brought the last of the March April! Yes, she was a little late, but Emelia Brielle arrived yesterday! Congrats Mike & Carissa!

We ended the weekend with wine, a cheese platter and some ranunculus.

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