Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Turn Your Husband into a Fashion Critic

I mentioned that over the weekend we went through my clothes stash and made some major cuts. I was a little nervous doing this with my husband - I really just figured he would tell me to get rid of it all, and then upon seeing how many clothes I really have, would discourage all future purchases.

I am happy to admit I was wrong.

Nate ended up being GREAT at going through clothes. We dragged all 4 rubbermade totes out of the crawl space that housed my spring/summer clothes and proceeded to make "Definitely, Yes"; "Maybe Not" and "Definitely NOT" piles. I realized that I had a lot of halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, etc that in recent years have never even gotten worn. And I definitely would not be sporting that stuff to work! Thus, we have a huge lawn bag for my sister to go through the next time she stops over at our house. I hope this is soon, because when i see it sitting there, I am tempted to rifle through it and grab out a few things.

We also went through my shoes. I love my shoes, but there were definitely pairs that haven't been worn in years. Yet another bag of stuff! Goodwill is going to be pleased!

Of course I always keep more than I should, so I am going to make a concerted effort to monitor what of the keep pile I actually wear in the coming months. Anything that does not get worn this summer is heading out in the fall!

I have been looking for a few "more professional" items to have in my closet. I don't need to wear suits and professional stuff every day to work, but occassionally, there is a presentation or day that calls for it. It is definitely harder to shop when you are looking for specific items. I am definitely more of a deal/clearance shopper, thus leading to purchases of randomness that I don't necessarily need. Thus, our last few shopping trips have been focused on the work wear. Over the weekend, I got this cute dress that Nate found:

(I think the model is making it look more sexy/less professional than it looks on me.) The best part was the dress was on super clearance! The one problem i found with it was one of the belt loops was broken. I pointed this out to the sales clerk, hoping to get an additional percentage off, but she referred me to Frank the Tailor who said the exisiting belt loops were crap and was going to fashion new ones for me FOR FREE! Why don't I shop at department stores more often? So my fully lined, Calvin Klein dress ended up costing me $50. The best part is that both Nate & I thought it was relatively classic so that it won't go out of style too soon.

So when did my husband turn into such a fashion ally?? My advice to you: Get your husband to start watching What Not To Wear with You. In no time, he will be dishing out style advice left and right, help you whittle your wardrobe and find outfits that are great!


Ali said...

If you ever felt like going one notch up from goodwill to GREATwill, I know someone who would pay the postage for the chance to rifle through your stash...(hee hee)

Emily said...

What a great deal!! Great dress and you're right it's timeless. Since it's Calvin Klein it is probably well made as well. One of my goals now that I'm 30 is to work on getting more quality clothes in nice fabrics into my wardrobe.

Chris & Erica said...

One trick to keep track of what you are wearing: place all of your clothes on hangers in one direction. After you wear an item, re-hang it in the opposite direction.

Holly said...

Wade did some clothes shopping for my birthday and tonight he showed me some of the things he didn't buy. This dress is one he really liked. Obviously you and Wade have similar taste!