Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home on the Range

Last night we went to Home Depot because the stove/oven that we have had our eye on was apparently on sale. We discovered long ago that the HD closest to our house was useless, except for appliances. I swear that everyone else must have failed HD training and got sent to this HD. The appliance guy, on the other hand, is great. We have bought all of our appliances through him and he has proved to be very knowledgable about a lot of different appliances. This is why we continue to go to this HD.

Well last night we had a short window of time to go to HD and it happened to coincide with the lunch break of the appliance guy. Thus we got someone that I am sure may have failed 8th grade a few times. She could not answer any of our questions pertaining to the stove or the microwave. Instead, she Googled GE and read us the website, which didn't really reveal anything we didn't know because we had already done that at home. Thus we did not buy any appliances because we did not have confidence that she knew how to order them. Grrr!

Before we have the range delivered, we have to install a on/off valve to our gas pipe. This is one project we are not doing ourselves for fear of blowing up our house. We are going to have the same guy who installed our sink do it. For the $20/hour he charges, it is worth it.

In more exciting news, we met Emelia last night! She is a cutie and looks very pretty in pink. Good thing I made her some pink and green Schlocks!

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Pretty Little World said...

I hope that all goes well with the arrival and installation of your stove!