Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hammer Time: Can't Touch This

I really can't believe MC Hammer pants are back in. I don't care if anthropologie is selling them or JLo is wearing them, I am not in on this trend.

I gave Hammer pants their fair shot when i was in second grade. My mom made me not one but two pairs - one a blue material with pictures of jewels on them and one a purple paisley. Those things were awesome. In fact, many moms called my mom to get the pattern to make them. It was the only time in grade school that I was remotely cool. Probably because my metamorphosis of looking like a boy was not yet complete at that time...but that's another story for another day. The patterns for such pants are still around if you want to venture out and make some.

What are your thoughts on hammer/harem pants?

More reading material on this subject featured at The Cut: Are you Excited or Terrified by Harem Pants?


caroldes7 said...

well, the timing is good for my post-partum could hide anything in those!

i wore them the first time around. weren't they called skidz? i think i was in 7th grade though. i had a pair of black and red plaid flannel ones. FUGLY! ;-)

BrookeB said...

awful, just awful. No way will I be partaking on pants that make me look like I have a saggy diaper on. YUCK!

Ali said...

"You can't touch this." And I recommend not touching the pants, either.

maura said...

These were one of my sewing priorities back in about fifth grade. Of course, I made the matching scrunchies. The problem with all the 80's stuff coming back is that I was about 60 pounds and under five feet tall when all this stuff was in. I can't go back. I just can't. When I saw one of my students with her crimped hair...I had to accept that I am too old to relive that decade.