Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great way to spend a Monday Night

Nate was picking weeds in our lawn last night, when our neighbor drove past and asked him if he wanted to go to the Brewers game. Apparently he had two tickets that he was trying to get rid of and it was less than an hour until game time. "Trust me, they're great seats. You will love them."

Nate came running into the house to see if I wanted to go. After I said Yes, he ran out to get the tickets. He came back inside and we realized that we would be sitting in row 4 just to the left of home plate! The tickets were $100 face value EACH! Nate was like a kid on Christmas:

Since we live fairly close to the stadium we were there in no time...just in time to catch a glimpse of Ryan Braun before he launched a homer:

It was a GREAT game full of lots of hits, a few pitches that hit players and a fun crowd. And AMAZING seats never hurt!


BrookeB said...

so cool! what great last minute plans! and much better than picking weeds!

Wade said...

Looks fun. I too had a nice evening crying myself to sleep.