Monday, April 13, 2009

Google and Olive Oil: A Marriage Saver

Nate: "Honey do we have any leather cleaner"

Me: "Why do you need leather cleaner?"

Nate: "Um...I might have gotten some white paint on your purse."

Me: "WHAT? By purse do you mean my Westchester purse from Banana Republic that I got for $27.99 even though it is still $140 on ebay"? {OK, so i didn't really say all of that.}

Nate: "Yes, that's the one. S*%&, I'm sorry."

Luckily he found out (via a Google search) that olive oil saved some woman's jimmy choo purse and so we tried it on mine and it works! No more white paint on the purse and no leather discolorations! Did I mention that I totally LOVE the Internet?

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