Friday, April 24, 2009

Failed...and a little light headed

Well, folks, I did NOT donate blood this morning.

I woke up, had some food, drank a whole thing of water and was feeling pretty good. I got called to the booth and managed to stay upright for the finger stick test and vital signs. I thought this was a good sign! They put me in the chair, rubbed iodine on me and that was it. The cold sweats, light-headedness came on and I managed to mumble, "I don't feel so good". They got me back before I actually passed out but had to lay there for a good 45 minutes with a cold compress and sipping some coke. I still don't feel all that great.

I wanted to get out of that room STAT - watching all those other people's blood drain out was not helping my process. I started thinking it was a little strange that they even made queasy people stay in that room.

I'm sure I'm already in the group that will be receiving the "You're Still a Hero" letter.


caroldes7 said...

:( Sorry. Hope you are feeling better soon. I definitely remember that feeling - not good!

Ali said...

You are still a hero! Seriously, I am so impressed that you keep going back to try. But, I am sorry you are still feeling kind of off. :(

Old MD Girl said...

Hey I haven't even tried. (I believe in medical school, this makes me a "bad person.")

You're still a hero in my book.