Friday, April 3, 2009

Diet: The Final Recap

Not only is the year 1/4 over, the spending diet officially ended March 31!

Do you know how I celebrated?

I went shopping.

Not intentionally...which is the worst kind. I had to go to the mall yesterday to return some pants that I ordered online from Banana Republic. Why oh why are lined dress pants such a problem to find?

I returned the pants and found several pairs of tights on clearance at BR. I usually stock up on tights at the end of the season because they are obviously much cheaper. I have found BR tights to be very nice for my height and frame. I bought 4 pairs. Over the past couple of months I have destroyed a couple of pairs of tights that went into the garbage. I got rid of 2 more pairs last night so now I am even with black and brown tights.

You may be thinking, "Well that's not so might even consider tights a necessity and you waited to buy them until they were on clearance".

Yes. But I did not stop there.

I went into Victoria's Secret. I had returned the awful PINK underwear (the UNWORN pairs) so I can't use that as an excuse. I simply went in there to use a free coupon I had for some lotion. They deliberately put the cashier in the back so you have to walk past the "Buy 1 Get 1 Free on our Best-Selling Bras". Well it just so happens that the bras that were on this sale were exactly the same as one that I was wearing...well past it's expiration date. I bought 2. $50 spent there. One cool thing that they are doing at VS now is giving away gift cards that may have $10, $50, $100, or $500 on them. I did not know about this but I got one of the cards. I know it will only have $10 on it, but a girl can dream, right?

Ok, again...this is not so bad. I have been needing to get some new bras. I did go home and got rid of not 2 bras but 6 bras. (Yes, it has been a long time since I cleaned out my dresser!).

Again, it did not stop there.

Now this did not cost me anything, but I will risk my shame to tell you a funny story. I have this card for the Aerie store, which is basically the American Eagle equivalent to Gap Body. I stood in line for a good 10 minutes behind about 13 12-year old girls who also have the same card to get a free body spray. Do you know how much of a loser you feel like when you are basically in line with people less than half your age just to get a free sample? Let me tell you...

I should have just left the mall with my bras and tights. But I still would like to find some work pants for winter (again I have waited to buy these b/c I know they will all be on clearance right now). So I went into J.Crew. They had a few pairs of pants but none in my size. Did I leave the store? OF COURSE NOT! Not when there is a uber cute orange jacket ($29.99) and hot pink tulip dress ($19.99) on the rack! SOLD! I walked out of there dropping another $50. I honestly was thinking, well maybe I'll take them back. Nate will talk me out of these things when I get home.

Then I officially left the mall.

I got home and Nate did not talk me out of the things - he actually liked them! So today I sit here blogging wearing my new orange jacket :)

So what the heck did the spending diet even teach me anyway?

I really have cut my impulse buys down, especially from Target. I will always have a weakness for dresses and free samples. I don't think I will ever be cured from that!

In non-clothes areas, we have become much better about using up what we have in the house before buying other stuff. After cleaning out our linen closets, pantry, and the office, we realized how much extra stuff we have. And we are STILL using soap, shampoo and conditioner samples up!

We have started to use the library more for videos. We cancelled our Netflix subscription shortly before Christmas and it really has freed us up from the TV. We still watch movies, but will get them from the library (we are lucky that ours has a great selection) or Redbox.

I also have stopped impulse buying makeup. Those aisle ends of baskets of lip glosses and nail polishes at Target? No more for me! Again, after cleaning out my caboodles, i was happy not to fill them back up with useless makeup. I have not yet regretted getting rid of my green sparkly eye shadow!

I AM excited for my free Laura Mercier makeover with my BF and new homeowner JS though. How could one not be excited for makoevers and champagne? TGIF!

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Ali said...

You still impress me. Even after your diet, your "splurge" resulted in deals I will never find. Whereas I attract grey hair, you attract amazing clothing deals. I haven't bought clothing since before Miles (and i haven't had a haircut since October. Oh, so sad), and am just dying to find some of those sale orange jackets. Please go into personal shopping. You have your first client right here!