Monday, April 20, 2009

Blood Drive!

I think donating blood is a very good thing. I have done this exactly once in my life, despite several attempts. I have this fear of needles/blood that really is getting beyond ridiculous. I attempted to give blood at our blood drive last year and passed out from the FINGER STICK test. Really. They had to shout "Wheelchair, Wheelchair" and transport me to a cot that was literally 2 feet away via wheelchair. I kept saying that it would be easier for me to get there without the wheelchair due to the close proximity but that was met with, "This is standard protocol. We HAVE to transport you to the cot via wheelchair."

Then as if that wasn't embarrasing enough, I got a letter in the mail from the blood center a few days later proclaiming, "YOU'RE STILL A HERO", convincing me to try donating again.

Here we are one year later and I got the reminder postcard in the mail. I just called to make my appointment for this Friday morning. Here's hoping all goes well. I am determined to give them my blood!


Emily said...

My one attempt at donating blood resulted in me fainting at the center, throwing up on the drive home, and was followed by three days of continual nausea and vomiting. My doctor's response, "I wouldn't give blood anymore if I were you." :-)

Ali said...

I totally applaud your perseverance! My suggestion:

-widdle a "mock" needle from some yard branch (you can do it--and adding widdling to your crafting abilities just expands your resume)

-every night have Nate dress up as a phlebotomist (I think Walmart carries that costume. If not, knit it).

-have Nate tape the widdled needle to your arm and run some tubing off of the insertion site (I imagine you have some sort of tubing from all of the home renovation?)

-celebrate with some homemade cookies and OJ.

If nothing else, the process will hone your old skills, build new skills, and any night that ends with cookies and OJ cannot be a waste!

But seriously, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you serenity (and high blood pressure) on Friday!!

caroldes7 said...

Good luck! Hope it works!!! Slow, deep breaths helps me.