Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ANIMAL VEGETABLE It will be a MIRACLE if I finish this book

I have been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and am halfway through it. It has been SLOW going for me, but all nonfiction usually is because I don't usually read nonfiction. Basically the book is successfully making me feel guilty about food. I didn't buy bananas the other day because I knew that they were from far away. Ditto with the pineapple.

I would love to live on some farm and raise all the food I would eat. Scratch that. No I would not. We are going to try container gardening this summer and see how it goes, but basically I am just really not into gardening or raising plants. I forget about them. I groan when they require me to do something to care for them. (Our houseplants are proof of that, although we are trying again with some new cuttings from famiily members). Our flower beds get a weeding once a summer whether they need it or not, ha ha ha errr...it's true. Asthetically I like plants...I just do not enjoy the work that goes with them. Wah. I'm a baby, I know. Some people find gardening relaxing. I am not one of those people.

While we aren't going to quit shopping at the grocery store for a lot of our food, turn our yard into one monster garden, start slaughtering chickens or stop eating Edy's Thin Mint ice cream, we have started to try to pay more attention to where our food comes from. Nate works with a woman that DOES garden and produces a lot of food. We are going to start using her for as many of our fruits and vegetables that we can. Tomorrow she is bringing us lettuce. Given that she just brings it to work, it actually makes the process of shopping EASIER for us.

In addition to that, Nate's bank passed out free seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes that we planted indoors and are hoping will grow. We also planted some basil, cilantro and lavender from seed and are awaiting it's arrival. We successfully planted and used homemade herbs from our yard last summer so I'm hoping to do the same this summer. There has even been talk of purchasing a half cow from a local farmer for our chest freezer downstairs.

As for the book....the jury's still out on what I think about it. I like the recipes and the little tidbits from Kingsolver's husband and daughter. The book is interesting but at times feels really preachy to me, but again I am only halfway through it. Perhaps I should read more nonfiction.

Apologies if you read an earlier version of this post and it had the book incorrectly titled as Animal Vegetable MINERAL. As Dwight Schrute would say, that is false.


Nemmie said...

I refuse to read that book for the single fact that... I find Kingsolver very preachy. Have you read The Poisonwood Bible? Well written, but her preaching in it drove me nuts.

Good for you on the container gardening, though! Hope all goes well :)

caroldes7 said...

Wow. I totally didn't pick up on the preachiness. Though I still have a little left to go in the book. But, I really liked the book a lot!

With shopping at the farmer's market..which is awesome, but not at all a local farmer's market... it has definitely made me think about what it takes to get the food there.

Brad@Container Gardening said...

New to your site. Container gardening is the way to go. I think you'll love it and do great with it.