Monday, April 6, 2009

Addendum to Weekend Highlights

Geez...there were too many highlights that I forgot a few.

We upgraded our cookware this weekend! A few weeks ago, Nate mentioned that we should start looking at new pots. The pots we had were my mom's old Pampered Chef set, which served me well through undergrad, grad school, and several years post. One started to leak and none of them really sit level anymore. So we added new pots to our never-ending to-buy for the house list. We found some great ones at Marshall's Home Goods on Saturday. We went there to buy dress socks for Nate and came out with 4 new anonized stainless steel pots in a variety of sizes! They have performed very well in the two meals we have made in them thus far. I was amazed to see all that Marshall's had to offer in terms of cookware, including many name brands. We were very pleased with our find.

We also went to the Wheel & Sprocket Bike Expo. This did not prove to be as great as we were expecting. I will say that neither Nate nor I are bike gurus. He has a bike and I do not. Obviously, if we do a triathlon this summer, I will need a bike. We also have great bike trails around our house that we never take advantage of. So basically I need a bike that I can cruise around with my husband during a Saturday morning bike ride. The bikes at the Bike Expo were in the range of $6500. Um, we traded our VW Golf CAR in for a third of that. I have no doubt that they are great bikes, but I really don't think I can go from no bike to a $6500 one. The search is still on...

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agperp said...

The last time we went to the wheel and sprocket bike expo, we got Gary Fischer's autograph. And you can get a perfectly acceptable road bike for about $1K...If you are going to be any bit serious, I wouldn't spend much less than that.