Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009: One Quarter Done?!

Time flies. I meant to do this yesterday but I was home sick and didn't move more than 2 inches from the couch. Now that 2009 is a quarter of the way over, I revisited my new year's resolutions to see how they were going:

1. Start logging my running miles. I have been doing this. My system is not the best - I take advantage of the electronic system at the Y if I do my run at the gym and i have this notebook at home if I do not do my run at the gym.

2. Do a triathlon. Given that we are still dealing with snow here in WI, we obviously have not done this yet. Nate & I still are talking like we are doing one towards the end of the summer, though.

3. Clean and organize our closets and get rid of at least a quarter of my clothes and shoes. Have not done this yet. I am waiting to do this when I switch my fall/winter clothes over to my spring/summer ones. And I'll admit...I'm not excited about this one!

4. Read 30 books. 30 books in one year equals 2.5 books a month. To date I have finished 9 books since January 1. 21 more to go!

5. Retry making the Lemon Meringue Pie and some Mastering the Art of French Cooking recipes. I have not done the LMP yet but have made and blogged about some MTAOFC recipes. We started the year out fairly strong with MTAOFC but backed off a bit when we realized how much butter we were eating.

6. Send 52 letters/cards to friends/family instead of email. Have not even remembered that I put this one on the list!

7. Learn to knit. CHECK! Nate actually came home with some bamboo circular needles the other day so I was able to restart my hat with the correct needles. I am really liking it so far (it only took me 3 starts!). I got a book entitled DomiKNITrix from the library so sometimes he will refer to me as that.

8. Make the skirt on the cover of Stitch magazine. Not done. I still am afraid to take the plunge into making my own clothes.

9. VACATION! No definite plans yet...all talk.

Overall not bad progress in three months.

Now for the house resolutions:

1. The kitchen gets finished We looked back on the blog the other day and found out that we started the kitchen on May 23 of last year. Our goal is to have it done before May 23 of this year. Nate finished grouting last night and sealed the other spots. He is the tile master!

2. We replace all of the heat vent covers. I think we only have one of these left - the office.

3. We figure out what the bathroom upstairs will become. Provided that we meet goal #1, we may start this during the summer.

4. Do a better job landscaping. Not a lot we could be doing right now with this but we did buy some seeds for some vegetables and planted some herbs indoors. We'll see how that goes.

5. Get the piano moved from my in-laws to our house. Check! We have been proud owners of the piano for a month now.

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Emily said...

You guys should try the Pewaukee triathlon. I did it two years ago, and it was really fun.