Monday, March 16, 2009

Weeks 6 & 7 of the Spending Diet: Catch Up Time

I have not been keeping up with the spending diet recaps - my trip to Atlanta sort of threw me off the Friday track so I will catch up today and then begin on this Friday again.

Birthdays do not count in the spending diet (for me at least). Nate's birthday was on Friday and I bought him two things:
1) The Black & Decker Bathroom Remodeling Book. Thankfully my mom found this on amazon's used book list for $3. Score! Some might say that this is a self-serving gift, but he really wanted this book as his goal is to do as much of the bathroom remodel as he can (with my help).

2) Garmin Nuvi GPS. Nate is a big fan of maps and trying to figure out which is the closest gas station, grocery store, target, etc.

My mom's birthday gifts were using fabric that I already had and we took her out to lunch.

My god-daughter Liz's birthday was earlier this month. I got her a giftcard to Target, one of her favorite places. This has sort of become the standing birthday gift for her. Last year, I even helped her spend it. I have to admit cruising the Barbie aisle at Target is STILL fun.
That wraps up the spending in the birthday category.

The only extra money that I spent here is to buy a 2-pack of knitting needle caps for my mother-in-law and I after our first class. She surprised me with some bamboo knitting needles over the weekend and they are really helping me. I was having problems with the aluminum ones and my knitting was a hot mess. Lord knows that you must have perfect stitches in a dishcloth, ha ha ha.

I actually have not bought fabric or any other notions in a while. I really have to finish up some half-done projects before I start tackling anything else.

One thing that I discovered is that our local library has a lot of sewing and pattern books. A great one that I wish I would have found before all of these March babies were born is Amy Butler's Little Stitches. I recently got this book from the library and it has some really cute projects in it!
I paid the entry fee for the Wisconsin half-marathon the first weekend in May. Nate's cousin and I are tackling this first-time race. I think we were lured in by the promise of beer, brats and cheese.
I paid $1.50 for the a subscription to Glamour magazine in honor of their anniversary. If you are interested, leave a comment and I will send you the link.

Despite visiting 3 Targets in 24 hours to try to find the GPS for Nate, I did not purchase any clothes. The 75% off rack did not bear any fruit.

Friday night we did go to the mall to redeem Nate's Aveda birthday coupon. (Sidenote: How is it that HE gets these coupons and I do not? Oh well.) While at the mall, we both realized that we needed underwear. I had a coupon for a free gift from Victoria's Secret PINK collection with purchase. So despite the fact that I normally HATE their underwear, I picked out 5 pairs for $25 to get the free gift. What is wrong with me? The free gift was this stupid bag. I should have just walked away from the counter once they revealed it. The next day I put on a pair of the new underwear and less than 30 minutes later I changed them because they were driving me so bonkers. I will be returning the other 4 pairs. Lesson learned...I think.

One thing that the diet has influenced in terms of clothing is since I have been trying not to buy clothing, I have mixed and matched more of my existing wardrobe to get different outfits using the same materials. I sometimes get into a routine of only wearing Shirt A with Pants B, and then start to get bored with that and think I have "nothing to wear". I have tried to mix Shirt A with Skirt C or Pants D more now and it has been sort of like I have "new" clothes.

We rented Vicki Christina Barcelona on Friday night for $1.50. A couple of thoughts on this movie:
1) It is amazing what a good haircut can do for Javier Bardem. Getting rid of that bowlcut from No Country for Old Men turned him into a sexy Spanish bohemian painter. Yowsas.
2) You may feel the need to send Scarlett Johansen a bottle of shampoo while watching this movie.
3) I am a bad wife. One would think I would have let Nate pick the movie because it was his birthday. I did not. I gave him a choice between this or The Duchess. I think by the end he was wishing that he had picked The Duchess. I don't think he is a big Woody Allen fan.
I enjoyed the movie. Perhaps #1 influenced me.

Phew. That was a long one. I think that sums up the past two-three weeks of the spending diet!

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