Monday, March 23, 2009

Tiling Continues

This weekend we continued tiling and my brain still hurts.

Old Md Girl had left a comment asking how we learned to tile. Basically, we usually refer to a book my mom got us as a housewarming gift, or the Internet. The book is the Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement. Depending on the project, we also ask family members or friends who have tiled or the Home Depot/Lowe's people (with mixed results).

The hardest part about tiling is doing math. Lucky for Nate he married the former secretary of the SMS high school math club. ha ha ha. We have split up the tile work by having me figure out what cuts need to be made, and Nate running up and down the basement steps to do the cuts with the wet saw. He spreads the adhesive on and then we usually switch off putting the tiles and spacers up while the other one checks to make sure it is lining up correctly.

Here are some pictures that show the before and after:

Nate spreading the adhesive - note the tiles on the counter all set to go:

Tile on - spacers still on:

We are grouting tonight! It is easiest for us to tackle small sections at a time. That is about all we can handle before we get sick of tiling. We may have House ADHD.

Here is a little trip down memory lane. This is the kitchen on move-in day:

Here it is post - cabinet removal and painting:

And now, with tile (pre-grout):


Erica said...

Looking good! I would like to try tiling sometime...the wet saw scares me just a little though! :-)

Shane Jones said...

sweet kitchen porn!

BCK said...

It is looking so great! I have to stop in sometime to see it in person.

Old MD Girl said...

Very impressive. And thanks for the reference! We might end up needing it....

Pretty Little World said...

The new kitchen looks great!! We're house hunting right now and I'll definitely be checking back once we need to start improvements of our own!