Sunday, March 1, 2009

Piano Part 2

We have a piano!! My brother-in-law, two of his friends, and a friendly neighbor of my in-laws delivered it yesterday! They got it into the house and it wasn't going to go into the library easily. They ended up tipping it to fit it in the room.

We rewarded them with some PBR's and cupcakes. I also made them pose for this picture:

We have been playing pretty regularly since it arrived. We did take a break for girls night (Nate went to play video games with the guys). We had a great dinner of Turkey & Artichoke Shells, Martha's Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread and Chocolate Fondue!

Here are some pics. Unfortunately this room is really hard to photograph in its entirety becuase of the angle from the hallway, but hopefully you get the idea.

My attempt at Zooey Daschnel's bud vases from Domino:

It is on the same wall as the door - you can see the bench on the right hand side of this picture:

A blurry shot from the corner chair:

1 comment:

chacha said...

What kind of stuff do you play?

I've played since I was 7 (all classical, Beethoven and Chopin being my favorites) - recently started banging on my decrepit baby grand again (got it for $300 so it's not ideal), but I really need to upgrade it... not sure if I will go with an upright this time (I have always had my heart set on having a baby grand, though).