Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just what you wanted...MORE TILE!

This morning we woke up and got straight to tiling, finishing off the portion to the left of the sink, and beginning the portion to the right of the sink. "Honey you're a mathematical genius" was uttered by my husband this morning. I just wanted to get that on the record, ha ha ha.

The finished areas:

(notice the cute orla kieley dishtowel hanging on the fridge, courtesy of A Day That is Dessert)

(I love how the new switchplate covers look against the tile!)

Here is the other side with the spacers:

Only one more wall to go! Unfortunately this will be the hardest wall, for several reasons:

1) Our current microwave is centered on the upper cabinets, but not centered over the oven. We are thinking about getting a new microwave and centering it over the oven.

2) We have to get our new oven/stove. This won't interfere with tiling.

3) We have to decide where we are going to end the tile on the far right side of the picture below (excuse our messy kitchen).

One other resource that we often use for our house projects is This Old House magazine. The current issue features a stunning kitchen that makes use of subway tile. They also have a feature on subway tile on page 40 which explains the difference between high end and low-end tile. Nate had to talk me out of taking this article to the woman at Home Depot who told us that subway tile was not 3x6 white ceramic tile but red tile featured in McDonalds floors. I don't think that This Old House magazine would get it wrong!

For fellow bin pull lovers, the new issue also features several variations of those too. Swoon!


Old MD Girl said...

"Excuse our messy kitchen"?????

WTF are you talking about, woman? That is the most immaculate kitchen I've ever seen.

Ali said...

Touche. I agree with Old MD Girl. I am so amazed with your progress and tiling prowess. How much do you charge? We are in sad shape down here in the kitchen arena.

BTW--I am currently listening to Fresh Air and it is all about your lovey Bruce S. I cannot help but think of you..."Born in the USA!"

Emily said...

How funny...this is almost exactly how my husband I plan on updating our kitchen. We already have the white cabinets, but we're planning on adding a black counter top and white subway tiles, as well as painting the walls green.

Thanks for visiting my blog too!