Sunday, March 1, 2009

"I Told You So"

That is what several people will be saying to themselves by the time they get done reading this post.

Here is a picture of Nate using his tile cutter:

Now I forwarded him all of the emails and comments I got saying, "The tile cutters is crap. Buy a wet saw." But since the Tile Guru at Lowe's told him that she thought the cutters would work great, he was sold on it. We got the call on Friday that all of the tile was in and picked it up yesterday, along with new light switches, outlets and switchplate covers. Because I was having people over for dinner, we didn't start on the tiling project until today. The tile cutter, I had to admit, cut through all of our practice tiles like a charm. The problem was that our "real" tiles were slightly thicker than the practice ones. When it came time to cut one of the "real" tiles, the tile cutter literally was bending around the tile! Not cutting it, not snapping it into tiny shreds, nothing. After several tries, Nate realized that the tile cutter was crap and that we needed a wet saw. [Proof that sometimes despite people (myself included) telling him things, he just needs to come to the conclusion himself!]

Luckily, Lowe's let him return the tile cutter when he went to pick up what is now his favorite new toy: the wet saw. Here he is assembling it:

and using it with my running sunglasses since we didn't have any real safety goggles:

It actually really is a great tool. He has already proclaimed that he wants to try doing the bathroom himself because he loves using it! (We'll see about that)
The area we started tiling is what we like to call our practice area, since it is a quasi-stand along part of the kitchen:

And here it is with the tile and spacers in:

We have to let it dry before we can grout it but so far we are LOVING it! How much better does it look compared to the green?! All of the headache in locating the tile, etc seems to be worth it!

Thanks for all of the comments and advice for this project. Eventually we do use it :)


BrookeB said...

Looks great!

caroldes7 said...

Sorry it was a pain, but it really looks great!!!!!

joel and stephanie said...

Go Badgers

chacha said...

It looks great! At least they let you return the cutter. I figured you would come to this conclusion once you started using the manual cutter!