Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How often do you 'poo?

SHAMpoo that is.

NPR had a segment on the anti-poo movement. This site has instructions on using baking soda and vinegar instead of shampoo.

I shampoo my hair every other day. Sometimes I will go three days if it isn't looking too bad. Currently we are using up samples in our house (yes...we have been doing this for over THREE MONTHS now) so I don't have a particular brand I am using, although we try to get one without sulfates. Since I have dry everything (skin, hair, nails) I noticed that my hair was much better when I stopped shampooing every day.

I don't think I could totally switch to baking soda and vinegar. I like the smell of commercial shampoo too much.


Old MD Girl said...

1 got away with every other day in Chicago, but Philadelphia is much dirtier and the air isn't as dry, so I've had to go to daily 'pooing. The hair doesn't seem any worse for the wear though.

bigib said...

I 'poo' once a week, i.e. every Friday after family swimming. With a 2 years old at home and run a micro business from home, I don't have time to 'poo' everyday...:)