Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drains, Blogs and Fabric

1. We did not grout last night. Our sink is clogged AGAIN and thus that became the more pressing issue. I think that we are going to need a plumber this time. We snaked the drain several times, got a bunch of gook out and for some reason that made the drain WORSE. ARGH.

2. I have been reading Anna Karenina since the beginning of the month. I am ready to be done reading this book, but have about 200 pages left to go. Instead of reading that, I was reading blogs last night. (Can we say, Addict?) I was whining that I should go read Anna Karenina. Nate thought that Tolstoy perhaps should have had Anna Karenina have a blog and then I would have been done reading it. I think I laughed for a solid minute on that one.

(Thanks to MKD for emailing this to me)
3. I received a bunch of fabric in the mail last night courtesy of the Heintz Clan's birthday gift! My next project is to make a roman shade for our kitchen window out of this fabric:

In addition to that, I also ordered:

AND I received a free 1/2 pound of fun scraps! (Unfortunately Ali, the hunks were not in the scrap bag.)

Photos: Fabric swatches from ReproDepot, Poster by Matt Jones


Ali said...

I love the fabric choices! Although, I am a little disappointed there is no Hunks...ha ha. I am excited to see more sewing projects.

wide open spaces said...

i am totally in love with that bottom paisley fabric. but i'm scared to go over to repro depot as you never leave with just the one fabric you wanted...!