Sunday, February 22, 2009


WOOHOO! Our tile is officially ordered and scheduled to arrive on March 2. And do you know what the BEST part about it is? By waiting until today to order, we saved 20%! Anyone who is planning a tile job that requires special ordering from Lowe's, their sale is 20% off any special order tile job! This basically got us the adhesive and cutter for free! The dining room corner has been taken over by all the tile supplies.

Our weekend with my almost-3 year old niece was fun, but exhausting as usual. She was very excited to go swimming at the Y so we went Friday night, Saturday morning and this morning, each time for at least an hour. We also enjoyed free stirfrys at a flat top which is opening near out house. Thanks to my brother in law for getting us in on that one.

Another fun thing we did is go to the Milwaukee Domes. Nate & I are pretty sure this was a grade school field trip at some point, but not one that we remembered. Each of the three domes has a theme: there is the desert dome, the rainforest dome and the show dome, which featured a bunch of model trains. My niece LOVES trains so this is why we decided to go. It was a hit!

Nate was in heaven because he taught Toni how to play Mario Kart, which of course she loved.

The one thing Toni would NOT do is acknowledge my birthday. Nate kept trying to get her to say Happy Birthday. The closest she came was announcing that it was "mamie's birthday and my birthday". So I guess I now share my birthday ;)

I wasn't expecting a present from Nate since my Christmas present was also my birthday present but he did get me a bunch of roses, a bunch of ranunculus (one of my favorites!) and a bunch of tulips!!! It was a great surprise.

We made some cupcakes but they aren't the greatest. Toni was a great helper and
loved measuring and dumping stuff in the bowl. I kinda think that the ingredients and measurements got a little messed up but it was fun making them and frosting and sprinkling them!

And now, I think I need a nap.

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Old MD Girl said...

The flowers are REALLY beautiful. Really.