Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"It's tough being buff"

We have been working out at the Y for almost 3 months now and I am very impressed that we both have been maintaining a regular workout schedule for the majority of it (there was that 2 week period around Christmas...).

I am very happy with my progress in the weight lifting arena. Thus far I have lifted a total of over 62,000 lbs! Given that I haven't really lifted a weight since we had to for high school basketball, (and really, why was lifting weights a requirement for bench warmers like me?!), I don't really know if that is a good amount or not. I just think of it this way: That's 62,0000 lbs I hadn't lifted before.

It must be having some effect as Nate has noticed my back and arm muscles now when giving me massages. The other morning, after a particularly grueling weight workout, I couldn't get out of bed because I was too sore. I tried to garner some sympathy by stating, "It's tough being buff". All I got was a big laugh.

In other non-running related workout endeavors, my swimming is not progressing as smoothly. Nate has been a great coach and I think that my form has improved due to some foam device that I stick between my thighs (wow..reading THAT out of context is funny). But I think that my runner's lung capacity hasn't really translated to a swimmer's lung capacity. Still working on that one...


BCK said...

that would be a pull buoy!

Missy said...

Check out It's free and gives you workouts based on the yardage you want and what you want to focus on (distance, speed, technique, etc). And...I know it costs money, and it depends on how seroius you are about triathlon-ing....but if there is a masters swim team near you, I would HIGHLY recommend it. You'll get in "swim shape" in no time.

Old MD Girl said...

Swimming is really hard to learn without a coach. Having never seen you I have some tips (based on the fact that these are the things that ALL beginners mess up).

1) Are you looking at the bottom of the pool? Look at the bottom of the pool! The bottom that is right beneath you.

2) Don't bend your knees when you kick. In the end, they'll bend a little, but you'll probably get the right balance if you focus on not bending them.

3) How's your body rotation? Good swimmers are almost totally on their sides for much of their stroke. They slice through the water like a blade. You can reach father in front of you with each pull. Of course, rotation is difficult if your head is too high or your legs are bent....

4) Make sure you're not crossing your arms over in front of you.

5) Going 3 times a week is really helpful. It does take a while to get proficient unfortunately, and that frustrates a lot of people.

Masters is fun and some programs can be very helpful, but can be intimidating if you're not already a strong swimmer.

Congrats on getting ripped! Aren't muscles awesome?