Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My dear, dear husband took on the tiling stores this morning before a conference he had to attend. Round 2 of Tile Shopping went MUCH MUCH better than Round 1.

He went to a corporate tile store which had tons of white subway tile. Only one company did the rounded short edge of the 3x6 size. Given that they were a corporate place, they do not usually work with individual home owners, but the kind woman there suggested that he go back to Lowe's with the information because Lowe's could order the tile from them for us.

Nate then went to Lowe's and this is the "HALLELUJAH" moment - the girl that we had originally spoke with months ago before starting this whole thing was working! We were very impressed with this woman back then, and as I mentioned, were sad that she wasn't working last Saturday. I will call her Tile Guru from here forward.

He explained that we originally wanted to do a white subway tile backsplash in all 3x6 tiles, but were having a difficult time locating that size tile with a short edge rounded. "OH, no problem, we can order those for you" was her response. We have to figure out our exact square footage before we can place the order but by her rough estimate the tile would be about $120 for the entire backsplash and the rounded pieces. This is more than it would be if we did a 2x6 border, but an amount that we are both ok with spending given that my mom donated a lot of the other required supplies and it wasn't the $800 that the Tile Shop wanted.

So it looks as though we will be doing some measuring tonight and ordering this weekend! He also got her card and had her print everything out so that if we come back and she is NOT working, we can still successfully order everything. We also have some prep work to do - we have to paint the area underneath our cabinets white. I'm not sure I'm going to explain this so well, but basically our cabinets have a visible bottom which we will be tiling to. If you look under the cabinet, there is an indentation that you can only see if your head is under there. This is where it is not level and would be a major pain to tile, confirmed by the Tile Guru. This will probably make more sense when I take pictures.

Some junior varsity (that's for you AH) hallelujahs:
1) As ChaCha mentioned in one of her posts/comments, the tiles she bought at Lowe's had built in spacers. I mentioned this to Nate who asked Tile Guru about it. Tile Guru confirmed that the tile we would order also had these so we would not have to buy them separately or mess around with them while tiling. Thanks for the tip ChaCha (check out her awesome subway tile backsplash here.

2) We will be trying the tile cutters. EVEN THOUGH almost everyone we talked to said to get a wet saw, Nate is a believer in the tile cutter based on the Tile Guru's recommendation and the fact that she let him test cut a few tiles at Lowe's today and they all worked perfectly. I do not really care what instrument we buy to cut the tiles, but prefaced this decision with "I don't want to hear about it when the tile cutter does not work so well when you get it home".

Hopefully the backsplash will be born within the next couple of weeks! I can't wait!! I think it is going to look SOO great!

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chacha said...

Sorry, I am late with this but this whole laid-off crap, new job mumbo jumbo has turned my schedule upside down.

Anyway, manual tile cutter? Kind of sucks. I have both. I bought the manual one at Harbor Freight Tools b/c I wasn't sure I wanted to use our big honkin' wet saw for little 3x6 tiles. I ended up using mostly the wet saw. Yes, the manual tile cutter with the scoring and pressing thingy works. But angles that are not just straight cuts are a royal pain in the butt. If you are now stuck with that manual thing, get yourself some nippers and a tile filer (looks like a giant nail file). I ended up using them both quite a bit even with the wet saw.