Friday, February 20, 2009

Diet Recap Week 5

It's Friday and time for another Diet Recap.

We upgraded our cell phones on Sunday but this did not cost us anything because we were 18 months into our contract and able to upgrade for free. Plus we picked the free phones. The girl working the counter was so less than thrilled with our phone choice. She kept saying that they didn't have ANY features. Well guess what? I don't want any features. I want a phone. $0 spent there.

We went out to dinner on Tuesday night with Nate's family to celebrate Bo being in town. (Bo was the foreign exchange student that Nate's grandparents had when Nate's mom and aunt were younger. He lives in Sweden and we see him about once a year). Nate's grandpa picked up the tab for that one so $0 spent there.

I did spend $10.51 on the fabric I sent out for the fat quarter swap and $10 on lunch yesterday. I always rationalize buying lunch though b/c 95% of the time, I eat leftovers from home at my desk (like right now, I am enjoying some delicious Poblano Potpie leftovers).

This weekend will be relatively thrifty for us as well. My niece Toni is coming to stay for the weekend and it's my birthday! Woohoo for turning 28! Having birthdays during a spending curb is fun because it doesn't feel like you are missing out on anything when presents arrive!!

Some early presents: My mom got me an America's Test Kitchen cookbook, which I have checked out from the library and fawned over before. C&FD got me some amazing cooking gear from Sur la Table including a bamboo salt box and some fleur de sel! It looks so cute on our countertop. I think to master the art of french cooking, you need a salt box for sure. :) And Nate's grandparents got me something every girl who is trying not to spend her own money Did I mention I LOVE my birthday?!

I'm hoping Toni brings her batman Mask. Apparently a couple of weeks ago she packed her own bag to stay by my mom and there was nothing in there but dress up clothes including the ever-essential mask:

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