Friday, February 13, 2009

Diet Recap: Week 4 Small Indulgences

Well, besides the $37 I spent repairing the tire on our new car, I had an ok week.

I mentioned that we went shopping last weekend. We have a lot of random gift cards from various things and we had a couple of birthday presents to get for my brothers-in-law. I know that I said I was making all of the gifts this year, but I think I'm amending that to the female gender only. It is difficult to find things to make for males. So off to the mall...

I had a barnes & noble giftcard to use from Christmas. I figure that since it isn't my OWN money I'm spending that gift cards are not a diet-food. I found an awesome Bruce Springsteen book in the value section and I bought the launch issue of Jamie Oliver's magazine. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Then we went to a variety of places shopping for birthday gifts. I didn't buy anything. Until Banana Republic. A while back I told Nate that I really wanted a nice leather brown purse that was fairly plain, had no logos or anything, that I could use everyday. Currently I have this big brown satchel from Target that was nice when I got it, but like ALL Target purses, did not hold up very well. A year and a half of everyday use and it is looking like it's on death row. So we were at BR and Nate says, "Aren't you going to look at anything? You have your birthday card from them". So I said I would look at the sale accessories. And behold I found a perfect brown leather purse. NATE even liked it, that was how perfect it was. It was on major clearance at $47 and was the last one like it around. Nate said that I should get the purse even though I was on the diet because I had been talking about it for months.

The best part was I got up to the counter and after my birthday card and a random extra 10% off they gave me, it was $27. Which was CHEAPER than my crappy Target purse was a year and a half ago. It isn't often that my husband encourages me to buy things so I took full advantage!

There's more unfortunately. I wish I could say the buck stopped there. A few days later, my sister and I were shopping at Goodwill (after I made a huge donation of more stuff from our cleaning binges) and I found a cool pair of green pants. Goodwill even sent me a birthday card for 25% off so I bought the green pants for $4 (post coupon).

Then I had to go to Kohl's to get an iron. I had dropped our iron down the stairs and after that it didn't get hot anymore. I didn't get an iron, but while helping my sister try to find some shoes, I came across these cute black patent wedge sandals for $5.99. UGH - this is exactly why I went on this diet - I cannot resist things like this. I totally rationalized the purchase saying I had donated 4 pairs of shoes to Goodwill so I can get this one pair.

Total extraneous spending for the week: $37. Weird! That is the exact same amount that the tire was!

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Old MD Girl said...

$37!!???! Freaking highway robbery.