Friday, February 6, 2009

Diet Recap: Week 3 Hidden Calories

Starting last weekend, I realized that I spend a fair amount of money on fabric on a regular basis. I'm not concerned with this, just something I never really thought about before I went on "the diet". I then made the decision that I am going to try to hand make all of my birthday gifts this year. (Phew - those of you with January birthdays are safe!) This week I worked on several things and am very happy with this decision so far. I am sure somewhere through the year I will mess something up and have to make an emergency trip to the mall!

I also now have accumulated quite a list of favorite sellers on etsy to indulge my fabric obsession - of course I am withholding...for now.

Sewbettie was also featured in the NY Times article about Domino closing from Wednesday, which as BCK also noted, has some cute fabric.

In other areas, it wasn't a very difficult week mostly because I was home crafting for a lot of it! We did have some amazing dinners last weekend at Roots and La Merenda, which is somewhat of an indulgence but at the same time, we found a gift card from our wedding for Roots while cleaning the office that we simply HAD to use!

I will predict that sometime(s) during the next couple weeks I may fall off the wagon. I have been accumulating lots of coupons for various places due to my approaching birthday, and I don't know that I can let a perfectly good coupon go to waste on account of a diet! ha ha ha.

Speaking of which, isn't Anthropologie's birthday present so so cute?!
Here is the outside:

and the inside contains a 15% off coupon and this:

Sure beats the paper cards that the other stores send!

I may just have to take a closer look at some of those items from the February catalog including these:

Photo Sources: Anna Maria Horner Fabric Pile,


Old MD Girl said...

I was looking at the anthropologie website (never shopped there before, why not start now!) and was intrigued by the way they name their apparel. "data collection cardigan" "rabbit-hole cardigan"

I was kind of hoping to see "lusty virgin cardigan" but no such luck.

You can withstand the temptation. I have faith!

chacha said...

I love that bag. Bet it costs an arm and a leg :(

This morning I was thinking about your "diet", and about my clothes buying lately, and I've done surprisingly well, and totally not intentionally. The last clothing item I bought was those red shoes back in December. Haven't bought anything since - in fact, haven't bought a pair of jeans in over a year. Recessions are good at scaring the living crap out of me, I think.

As for fabrics, whenever I can find the time, I plan on making another quilt. These two links have the cutest Japanese fabrics:

Amy said...

ah yes...said bag is $348. even with the 15% I will not be touching that one...