Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheap Home Fixes

Sometimes I really love blogging. First Dudeman saved us with the comment regarding our incorrect insulating and yesterday Chacha gave us some great advice regarding tiling. We are back on the tile project tomorrow night.

Here are two quick fixes we did over the weekend. First, we replaced our pantry door handles. We still have to clean and paint the pantry doors to match the rest of the cabinets. Nate has to plane the doors b/c whoever made them cut them a little crooked. The new doorknobs are brushed nickel like our other kitchen hardware. The old doorknobs were faux gold:

Each of the doorknobs was about $7 or $8 at Lowe's.

I also went shopping in our linen closet and found a sheet to cover our boxspring a la Martha. I think it looks good - it is a blue plaid patterned sheet. Gotta love the home makeovers that don't cost anything!

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