Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Goodies

Some more birthday goodies!

My BF JS got me this great purple scarf:

The H Clan got me gift certificates for FABRIC! I am having a great time searching this site trying to decide what to get. They suggested i check out the "outdoorsy type" fabric for a laugh and indeed, it cracks me up. And they have not one but THREE different scenes with these hunks to choose from!

I also was excited to learn from CD that sephora gives it's beauty insiders a birthday gift of 3 lip glosses! I hopped on over to the mall to pick mine up!

In true fashion, i am dragging my birthday out as far as possible with some future celebrations this weekend. woohoo!

Photos: Express, ReproDepot


Ali said...

I laughed again looking at the fabric. I mean, how can you not have a smile on your face? I just want to find someone who has actually used the fabric for something!

Oh, the lip glosses from Sephora are nice! I got some when I spent some b-day money on Tarte products (good, but $). The only complaint is that I think they kind of smell bad (i.e., my oatmeal today tasted like perfumed lip gloss).

Crazy 8s said...

Wow! What the heck could you possibly make out of the stud fabric? A t-shirt would elicit too many comments and a pillow would just be plain wrong!

Happy belated birthday Amy!!!