Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Birthday Craft Reveal

I've been writing a lot about the time I have been spending on birthday gifts. CD was the first victim of my handmade birthday pledge. Happy Birthday CD!

I put together this stash of items for her:

The first thing was this market bag:

My aunt sent me the directions (from a free Jo-Ann fabrics flyer) to make these bags to take your groceries home. I didn't test it out before I gifted it, but it seemed fairly sturdy with a nice large bottom. Jo-Ann Fabrics has a lot of these free project flyers around the store - keep your eyes open!

The second thing was this sash, which could be a scarf, belt, headband:

The instructions for this were from Amy Butler's In Stitches book. I have commented before that I really like this book - the instructions are really good and detailed, especially if you are a beginner like me. I did run into a bit of a "huh?" with this project because the instructions call for using a zipper foot on your machine. My machine did not come with such a thing so I had to wing it. This is also the first thing I have made with the fabric on the bias!

The third item(s) in the bag were these lavender sachets:

Are you ready for this...I did not use a pattern or instructions for these! I know they are really easy - essentially cutting out squares of fabric and sewing them together, but it was a big step for my type-A instruction loving self. I have gotten lavender from Outpost before but the lavender for these was purchased in Fond du Lac's Village Market when I was visiting my mom. CD says it is really nice smelling!

The last item was the lounge pants:

I have also made (and posted about) these pants before but this pair was a giant improvement. First I added the trim on the bottom, but not how the instructions (from In Stitches) said to (again..branching out!). I also double stitched each seam with a zigzag stitch so they don't fall apart.

I used some Anna Griffin placecards as the tags for the items. I found the placecards when we did the big office organization and initially bought them for no reason other than I thought they were pretty.

There you have it - birthday gift #1!

Also, today is a big day for W&HB as Alex was born! Congrats to them!


caroldes7 said...

Victim??? No way... I feel totally lucky to be the #1 recipient of Amy's newfound talent! Everything that she made is just adorable. I'd say the pictures don't do them justice, but even the pictures are pretty cute! I told her I felt like I got a super chi-chi (or she-she) gift from a high end boutique. Though all the better when made by a dear friend! Everything is just so lovely!

Thanks, Amy!! You rock!!! And Nate-o for your help, too!!!

XO! Carol

BrookeB said...

These look awesome! sooooo personal! I love it! now if you could only teach me to sew.......