Monday, February 23, 2009

400th Post: A Whole Lotta Craft

I have more and more crafty blogs taking up space in my Google Reader and everytime I see a free tutorial of something I would like, I star it so that i can come back to it later. I went through my starred posts last night and wowza. I could craft for a while with all the stuff that is in there. I thought I would share some of my starred items:

Directions for the sash I made CD (above) from the In Stitches book are available for free here.

I have yet to try quilting. I mean, I made the two baby quilts, but those are sort of easier to hide mistakes with (or upon close inspection, NOT so easy to hide mistakes). My sister keeps bugging me to try a quilt so I keep starring quilt tutorials. I have yet to bite the bullet. Here is my list of free downloadable patterns/tutorials:
Free Spirit
Amy Butler has about 5 or 6 quilt or duvet cover tutorials for download on her website. (Click on Free Patterns on the lower right hand side).
Craft magazine has the soda shop quilt here.
Chick Pea Studio has Finn's Quilt here.
Lizzy House has the housewares quilt here
Stacked Coins Quilt here.

As for bags, there are lots of different bags to make.

JCaroline has a tutorial for the totes pictured above here.
There are some great shoe bags featured here.
And for those of you trying to go green:
Reusable snack bags here
Trash can liners from a t-shirt here
BCK made me a produce bag out of some fabric. It is great and I need to make some more. It is a simple drawstring bag that probably doesn't require a tutorial but if you are so inclined, google "produce bag tutorial" and you will have several to choose from including this one.

And for random other craft project tutorials, How About Orange and Whip up are great blogs to add to your Reader.

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A Day That Is Dessert said...

Hi, Amy -

I can't find your email address on your site; you've won one of the Orla Kiely giveaways. Please send me your address and I'll put something in the mail for you.

Love these totes!

All the best,