Saturday, January 17, 2009


AHHHH. I just got back from the spa. You may recall that I won a gift card in December only to be used on spa services. Well I decided to blow the whole thing on the spa's signature treatment since I would NEVER spend my own money on something like this. But now I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should?!

First I had to change into a plush white robe and slippers. Then I sat in this comfy chair while my feet soaked in some Caribbean Therapy bath soak. The therapist then exfoliated my feet using the Caribben Therapy scrub.

After that I had to smell a bunch of essential oils that would complement the CT scent and pick my favorite. Then I moved into the massage room where I laid on my stomach and she exfoliated/massaged the back part of my entire body with this mitten things. Following that she put a seaweed masque on and covered me with warm towels. She used the warm towels to wipe the masque off and then massaged me with warm CT lotion.


She repeated this on my front side, BUT after applying the masque and warm towels she zipped this steam canopy over my whole body (except my head) and i laid in this warm yummy smelling steam for about 20 minutes while she put ice cold compresses on my face and did a pressure point massage on my face.

After the steam canopy, she wiped the masque off and followed with a massage with the warm CT lotion.

THEN...she used the essential oil to give me a scalp massage. Stretched out all of my limbs and I was set.

WHAT?! You want me to move now?! It was heavenly and perfect thing to warm up after the bout of extreme cold weather we have had.

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Missy said...

Oh my...that sounds absolutely heavenly. Massages are something I would get at least weekly if I was loaded!