Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RIP '98 VW Golf

First let me say that the surprise is not a baby. Sorry MD and mom! The surprise is that last night we bought a car, which some of you, including MD, did guess. It doesn't help that if you saw me or emailed with me yesterday, you already knew the surprise because I was too excited.

So this is our new ride: The Nissan Murano

As I posted last week, we had thought that the Rogue was going to be it. Then we test drove and checked out this Murano and that was it! SOLD! Ok, not really. We still had to go back and forth all weekend as to whether we were going to seal the deal.

We get to pick it up tonight and turn over a year and a half of saving. Sigh.

Although we are excited about our new ride, I think the hubs is slightly sad to be getting rid of his Golf. I wish I had the picture of him when he first got the Golf, his first car, junior year of college. He was reminiscing that this was the car that took us on our first date, took him to his first real job, moved him to the ATL, moved him back to WI, drove him back and forth to Chicago several times to visit me, took him to our wedding, etc. So I took his picture with it this morning:

Goodbye V-dubs. You've been good to us!

P.S. Notice how the salt and snow makes your car look - GROSS!


chacha said...

We had a Murano back in 2003 - leased, so when we moved out to nowhere Inland Empire my husband had a ridiculous 90 mile commute each way (4 times a week). We knew we'd take a major hit at the end of the lease if we kept it so we had to turn it in early and bite the bullet (sucks to be underwater with a car). Gas mileage is only so-so (for me, anything under 25 highway is not ideal), but he loved the Murano. Certainly was a downgrade to go to the Nissan Sentra. He still bitches about it sometimes.

Anyway, have fun! Hope you got a smokin' deal :o)

caroldes7 said...

Yippee!!! Love it!!!!

Tell Nate that I'll take a moment of silence to honor Vdubs!