Monday, January 19, 2009

Recycle Me Pretty Big Mess

Take 1

Take 2

I rearranged some of the items on our shelves in the living room. They were getting a little overcrowded with photos, so I limited it to one photo per shelf and then put the bottles with the flowers on each end. I really like how it looks, but they are not really shining through via my crappy photography skillz.

The bottles did contain the 365 Whole Foods Blueberry Pomegranite knock offs of Izze sodas. We washed them and then put flowers from the H-Clan that we dried. I would like to put fancy paper around the bottles to cover up where the previous labels were. But first, I would have to locate said paper in this mess:

Yes, the husband DROVE ME TO TARGET to buy rubbermaid tubs to get a handle on this room. That is when you know it is bad!

And there you have it...a story about "recycle me pretty" and then a "pretty big mess" a la Wheel of Fortune style.

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