Monday, January 12, 2009

Organize Surprise

What a weekend. Because I don't want to jinx ourselves, I can't tell you about the most exciting part of the weekend until tomorrow. So I'll placate you with discussion on organization, ha!

It all started with a craigslist TV. We had an old tv that was really clunky and we didn't use it. It has been in our basement since we moved in a year and a half ago. Sitting. Rotting. Taking up space. All because we were too lazy to move it from the basement to a car to take it to goodwill. I put a FREE TV ad on Craigslist and within 5 minutes had 3 takers. The tv was gone Friday night.

Wow. What else do we have lurking around our house that we could get rid of? We had a goodwill box going so we loaded that into the car and took it away. I went through my makeup caboodles (yes, I did say caboodle and pluralized it) and got rid of 95% of it! ME! Ms. Packrat USA and product/makeup whore!

Well, Nate-O capitalized on me in this strange mood and we tackled the filing cabinet, half of the office closet and the linen closet. More bags for goodwill and makeup for dress up for my little cousins!

We have yet to tackle the clothes closets and my fabric/crafting half of the office closet. I don't know if I will be as good with getting rid of the clothes and shoes, although I did get rid of 3 pairs of shoes yesterday. "Hurry - take them away and put them in the goodwill box before I change my mind" was my exact sentence. Check out a lovely closet organization here.

Along with tomorrow's surprise and all of this organization is a pledge for NO NEW STUFF. I have been reading about a lot of other people that are doing this for a certain amount of time. My MIL is doing it for 3 months. Along with no clothes, shoes, etc, we are trying not to buy any products until the ones in our closet and the free samples are gone. Phew. Here's hoping...

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BCK said...

It will be tough, but imagine how fun it will be to buy that first full-size bottle of product after 3 months!