Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions Part 2: The House

MD pointed out that my list does not include any house related items. True. This is mostly b/c we sort of let the house and how we are feeling dictate what we do to it. This is probably why things take us so long, but I like working on the house when I feel like it and taking breaks when i can't even look at paintbrushes or tools. HOWEVER, I would be thrilled if the following happens in 2009 with the house:

1. The kitchen gets finished...see previous posts in the "Kitchen label".

2. We replace all of the heat vent covers. I think we have five or less left.

3. We figure out what the bathroom upstairs will become. I think it may be ambitious for us to think the entire bathroom would be finished by the end of the year, but I would like to come up with a finalized plan and START the bathroom remodel by the end of the year. Oh, and figure how how much that is going to cost us!

4. Do a better job landscaping. There is a lot with the landscaping that I would love to do, but perhaps actually planting some flowers this year would be a good start!

5. Get the piano moved from my in-laws to our house. We have been talking about this for a while. Time to take action!

And there you have it...our mediocre house goals 2009!

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