Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Martha Martha

I have Apartment Therapy on my blog reader, but honestly do not read it that often b/c they have like 100 posts a day or something crazy. Today however, I happened to glance at a few posts and voila! A solution to a small problem was born!

We have the Valencia bed from Pottery Barn in our bedroom. This bed is NOT conducive to a bedskirt so you can see our ugly boxspring when the bed is not made (which is most often the case). Even if the bed is made, you have to pull down the blanket to cover the box spring, as shown in this pic:

One of today's AT posts suggests (via Martha Stewart) to use a fitted sheet to cover the box spring in lieu of a bed skirt. Genius and so simple that I'm ashamed I didn't think of it myself.

There are probably tons of people out there already doing this, but I am on the hunt for a fun patterned fitted sheet to complement our bedroom! And given that I'm on the no extraneous spending diet, the first place i'm going to "shop" is our linen closet!


chacha said...

Yeah, I did this back in 2000 with my first IKEA platform bed - the thing is, you might want to get a fitted sheet that is slightly larger. The box spring is a tad larger than the mattress. Either that or you can made some modifications with your trusty sewing machine.

We have a the Sumatra bed from PB, and we don't use a box spring at all. We bought them, but then with them in, it was kinda high, so, since it's a platform bed, it doesn't need a box spring.

Simply Chic said...

OMG how simple, what a great idea, thanks for posting this!! Also Chacha made a good point about getting a bigger one. I'm definitely going to give this a shot!

Girly Stuff said...

I discovered this via Martha as well. I too was shamed by the info. Two degrees...what good are they?

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