Monday, January 5, 2009

Live from Phoenix

Hello from Phoenix! I am here for a work meeting. I had hoped to get to some hiking on Sunday, but of course the one day that I am here and not consumed with work-related things it rained. ARGH.

Before I departed, we got some house things crossed off the list. Nate focused on cutting, staining and installing a quarterround at the bottom of our staircase and replaced a heating vent cover in our bedroom. I have pictures, but alas, I did not bring the camera cord with me to AZ.

We also had to take down the Christmas tree as this week was the week slated by our department of public works to collect them. It is always a bit sad taking down all of the decorations, although we do have a clear view of the television now that our behemouth of a tree is gone.

We continued shopping for a smaller sectional for our living room. Why is it that all furniture seems to be made for huge houses? Basically our two options are still too big for the room that we have so I think we will be shopping for a loveseat and a sofa rather than one big sectional. I am actually excited about this, because there are many more options with this combo than there are in the "small sectional" category. So back to the drawing board with new living room furniture. top off a Saturday of house-related fun, we test drove a car! We had to laugh because we test drove a base model which still had way more features than either of our cars. I guess anything is an upgrade for us at this point! No purchases were made, but I'll keep you "posted". Ha. Pardon the pun...I am cracking myself up after a day of meetings.

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