Saturday, January 17, 2009

Imagine That

So this is me and my niece, Toni. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will recognize her since she makes appearances every now and then.

Occasionally we take Toni for a weekend. Call it practicing for the real thing or free babysitting, but we do love having her. It is more fun now that she is fast approaching 3 and she can talk, and express interest in things (particularly dogs and cooking).

She will be spending my birthday weekend with us in about a month. One thing her mom "warned" me about is that she now has an imaginary friend. I was PUMPED b/c I too had imaginary friends. My sister is convinced that maybe I still do, ha ha ha.

My mom found this interesting article. Apparently all the cool kids have imaginary friends - did you?


Ali said...

I don't think I had a recurring one, but I had more imaginary play than I think recommended. BUT, my brother had one named Bricholas (I know, ingenious name). And wouldn't you know...whenever someone did something naughty (ahem, Nicholas) Bricholas always seemed to get blamed.

Good article!

BCK said...

I did! I think her name was Becky. I used to talk to her in the bathroom.

chacha said...

I never had an imaginary friend as a child. In fact, my best friend who lived two doors down from me my whole life, had an imaginary friend. She would talk about the friend like she was there, or she existed somewhere and I so knew that she didn't. I didn't say anything (apparently, I had some tact at 5) because I didn't want to get into a quarrel, but I totally didn't get it.

Old MD Girl said...

Oh yeah. I was an only child, so you can imagine the extent of the imaginary friends. Let's call it the imaginary family. With 7 imaginary brothers and sisters. My poor imaginary parents!

And of course there were Dragonfly and Anderson, my two imaginary dragons who lived in Madison Square Garden.

BrookeB said...

I had one too....named, like Gieko or something....he was such a nice pal until my uncle ran him over with his truck. Sad, sad day! hehe